Digital Fabrication Resources


Software, and other technical things:

Useful Rhino links: - useful videos on all things Rhino, beginner to advanced.

digital toolbox - beginner to advanced level Rhino and Grasshopper videos.

RhinoFabLab - digital fabrication specific information from the Rhino Community - collection of videos on Vimeo, beginner to advancd level info.

3-D printing resources:

Tridimake - A nice, general overview of 3-D printing materials - General news and current events in 3-D printing

Makerbot Blog - good to check to see what's being done with the same printer we have in the lab.

Thingiverse - repository of printable 3-D forms.



Filament Sources:

The Replicator 2 uses 1.75mm PLA filament. In general any 1.75mm pla should work on our printer, though please consult the instructor prior to purchasing your own filament.


Makerbot PLA filament - straight from the source - be sure to purchase for the Replicator 2


Taulman3d - Nylon and specialty PLA filaments - be sure to read instructions on each filament prior to purchasing.


Sainsmart PLA on Amazon



Artists, blogs, tumblrs, etc.

on tumblr: - the official class tumblr. I'll be posting useful things here.

Artists / Architects / Designers:

Greg Pond

Eyal Gever

Michael Hansmeyer

Micah Ganske

Daniel Widrig

Matthew Plummer-Fernandez

Andy Huntington

Christoph Bader


Nervous Systems


Ball-Nogues Studio

Marc Fornes & The Very Many



Syllabus - Course Notes - Assignments - Resources.