Assignment 3 - Augmented Object / Augmented Space.

greg pond

Greg Pond


For the second assignment this semester, we will introduce the use of the 3-d Printer: you will be asked to create an ojbect or series of objects which are built to function within a specific place, or that are built to compliment or augment a pre-exisiting object.


In short, you are tasked with creating model(s) in Rhino that, when printed, will in some way attach to, protrude from, cover, obscure, cling to, or otherwise alter an existing object or space. Special care must be taken in modeling the object so that it 'works' properly when printed and placed in the physical world. Consider ways in which your invented object can function to change the context of the exisiting object or space. How can the object you create lend narrative, or poetic interperatation to the object or space it exists within. How you interperate this task is up to you: You may choose to approach this from an abstract or representational standpoint, perhaps you'd like to create a narrative which plays out somewhere in the art building, or maybe you're just looking to create a humourous or akward intervention on an object or space, the choice is yours. I'll be looking for ideas which spark thoughts and shed new light on the objects or spaces you choose to augment. Shy away from the one-liner, look for the unexpected and uncanny.


eyal gever

Eyal Gever



A sandstone block built from lego, blending real objects with 3d prints from Greg Petchkovsky on Vimeo.


Due: March 16th at beginning of class.




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