Assignment 1 - Beginning, Middle, End.





For this project, you will be challenged to create a 3-dimensional form through the use of 2-dimensional construction materials, and the generation of 2-dimensional contours and profiles. Over the next few weeks, we will look at methods of subtractive manufacturing (Laser Cutter, CNC router, CNC plasma cutting) and the ways in which they can be applied to object-making. Using the tool of your choice and the material of your choice, you must create a 3-Dimensional from entirely from flat stock material.


You will create or collect vector based artwork in the software of your choice and then choose the appropriate material and method to realize that final 3-Dimensional form. The form you generate must be derived through the process of transitioning between a set of 3 defined linear forms; you must choose a ‘beginning profile’, at least one ‘intermediary (middle) profile’ and an ‘end profile.’ You will then generate the ‘in-between’ profiles that create a transition from beginning to middle to end. The result of this process should yield a fully three-dimensional object which represents the transition from form to form.


Additionally, your final profiles must all be drawn on the same plane - i.e. they must be 'stacked.' By this, I don't necessarily mean stacked atop one another neatly, but all your profiles should be parrallel to eachother - interlocking profiles may only be used for structural reasons (a la 'Binaural' by D. Widrig)


Your success or failure in this project will depend on several things: First: craft - you must complete and construct an object that is crafted appropriately to its subject matter. Here material fit and finish matter, pay attention to the materiality of the final piece. Second: Content - have you chosen a profile transition that is interesting (either formally, conceptually, or ideally both)? Where have you derived your lines from? How does the subject matter and source of your profiles inform the final object?



Relevant artists:

Adrien Segal:

Tobias Putrih (pictured above)

Tony Cragg:

Daniel Widrig: Binaural

Noriko Ambe: Works

DeMakersVan: Cinderella Table

Michael Hansmeyer - Coumns

Linn Meyers: Work


DUE: Your final object is due on Feb. 21st at the beginning of class. GET YOUR DRAFTING DONE EARLY - CUTTING WILL TAKE LONGER THAN YOU ANTICIPATE.



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