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Assignment 4 - External Stimuli

Jim Campbell - Custom electronics, glass, photograph, LCD material, 71 x 15 x 6 inches. A photograph of my mother slowly transforms from foggy to clear at the rate of My Breath as digitally recorded for one hour, as though I am breathing on the glass in front of the photograph.


We have now taken some baby-steps into the realm of alternative computer input (sound and vision). For this assignment, you must create a piece in which some form of alternative input is used in order to generate, manipulate, or othewise affect the imagery occuring on screen.


For success in this project, you must take what we've covered in class and add your own personal aesthetic and conceptual concerns to create a piece that goes beyond the mundane. Think broadly about how the concepts we've covered: how can simple audio and video signal be used to trigger larger events? What does it mean to capture the sounds or gestures one makes and apply them over time? Can audio and visual stimulus be used to elicit an emotional or visceral response on the part of the viewer? Consider carefully what it is you want the viewer to do in the piece, and what you expect them to take from the piece as they interact with it. As with all artwork, the most complicated solution is not always the most compelling. Jim Campbell's piece above is evidence of this. Sometimes simple, elegant interactions can elicit the strongest response from the viewer.


DUE: Dec 7th, 2017 - at the beginning of class.