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Assignment 3 - Emergent Systems


mira from Lia on Vimeo.


also: "Transition 89" from Lia.

Emergence is a priniple which states that complex systems and patterns may arise out of a multiplicity of relatively simple interactions.

Emergence has applications and adherents in economics, biology, sociology, philosophy, and art - among many other fields. The notion that complex systems can be described and modeled, and to some extent predicted based on the modeling of myriad simple actions and reactions is an attractive means for attempting to describe so many of the ways in which our society and envionment function. Practically, it is also a powerful means to make generative work which has the ability to take on a life of it's own.


For this assignment, you must examine the notion of emergent systems, and create your own system (or systems) in which the rules and actors within your system coalesce to create something that is greater than the some of its parts.

Inherantly, a sense of complexity is necessary for your project to be succesful. Though this doesn't necessarily mean the complexity must be only visual. Given that this is our first time-based project, this brings a whole host of new concerns: what is your strategy to make a piece which never repeats and which holds the viewer's attention over a given (hopefully long-ish) span of time? How does pacing function in a context in which there is no beginning or end to a piece in the traditional time-based-media sense? How do you deal with a never-ending, open-ended timeframe? How do you keep a piece interesting over that span?


Technically, you must define at least one class, and create at least one array or arraylist of x number of this class.


TENTATIVE DUE DATE: April. 18th, 2019

To turn in: A finished sketch that will be projected and critiqued in class