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Assignment 2 – From Code to Print

This assignment will examine the use of variables and iteration in the process of creating code-derived images for print. For this assignment, we will be examining the concepts of generative art as they pertain to digital media. Broadly, generative art is a type of art in which the pieces created (be they visual, musical, or performative) manifest through a pre-determined set of instructions. Using variables and iteration, you will be required to create a system in Processing which creates imagery in the PDF file format. You will be required to print the resulting imagery.


Lewitt wall drawing 541 - from here


As with the first assignment, the content of the imagery is your's to decide. You will however, be required to use variables and some sort of iterative routine to create imagery in which a system is apparent. In other words, while it is fine to use the random(); function for this project, it may not be advatageous do simply draw 1000 random ellipses on the stage. Though the idea of 'randomness' could be construed as a system in and of itself, I would like you to attempt to exert some amount of direction and control over the system you create in order for you to gain a better understanding of how and where to change and manipulate data in order to achieve a more directed and desired set of results.


DUE: Your printed final image will be due at the beginning of class on March 7th.