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Assignment 1 – Drawing in Processing

In order to familiarize yourself with the processing environment, we’ll start by looking at the basic means of creating imagery in Processing: points, lines, curves, and the shape primitives (ellipse, box).


For this first assignment, you are to use Processing to create a drawing. The content of the drawing is of your choice, with the following caveats:


You must use the following functions:

You may optionally use:

The drawing you create should possess all the qualities you would want from any drawing, namely:


With those restrictions in mind, you have freedom to determine the content of the image you create. Bare one thing in mind: You will literally be ‘drawing’ this image by positioning each element numerically. With this in mind, and given the short amount of time allotted for completing this project, it is perhaps not a great idea to attempt something drastically complicated. You probably won’t have the time to program each vertex of every building of a skyline, for example, so suit your subject matter to the constraints of the project.


The techniques necessary for this assignment are covered on pp. 17-37 of the Processing book. (Structure 1: Code Elements & Shape 1: Coordinates and Primitives).


What is due: A static processing sketch to be turned in to the class server (details given in-class prior to due date)

DUE: February 12th, beginning of class.